After a spat over royalties last spring with Dr. Dre and Jimmy IovineSteven Lamar has started a new company called Roam, and released the new headphones called Ropes. As quoted from BloomberBusinessweek, “I don’t want to hear the music the way Jimmy and Dre tune those headphones,” says Lamar, taking a swipe at Beats’s notorious love affair with bass.

Steven Lamar is the VIP behind the big success of the premium headphones company – Beats. He is also the man who came with an interesting idea of combining sophisticated audio engineering, cool industrial design, and the power of celebrity. His idea was a big success, and this time, he is trying to convince people again to buy his new in-ear headphones to look cool as they do with Beats.

Claiming to be the best in sound quality, “Noise Equalization”, and ergonomics, Lamar’s ROAM brand is to launch its first portable audio offering just before your Christmas shopping. “Noise Equalization” is said to provide “the best sound quality on the market today.” This brand new pair of in-ear headphones will be available in four colors – black, orange, gray, graphite – but with an astounding price of $299, which proves to be very expensive for a pair of in-ear headphones. However, it is best for us to wait and see how this pair can really do.


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