When it comes to the brands of headphones, the first to come to your mind and probably the most well-known one would be Beats; however, according to consumerreports.org, the new Grado SR325e headphones is currently their top-rated headphone, followed closely by the Grado SR225e model. Based on the same source, Grado headphones now occupy the top five of their top ten home/studio-style stereo headphone ratings. The top five products from Grado headphones deliver the best fit sound for customers depending on their own preferences.

Although Grado headphones are on the top of the chart, they are not made for everyone. They have the classic look to them, so if you are into the fashion and new trends, you should check somewhere else. Also, Grados are over-ear or on-ear headphone models, so they are a bit big and less portable, and not a brand for those who like in-ear headphones. They embrace the open-air design, so they don’t block external noise. A bad choice for those who like to exclude themselves from the world when enjoying their music.

The reason we do not hear much about Grados because they rely heavily on reviews and word-of-mouth instead of other marketing strategies. They seem to be doing fine with their methods since their products come with high quality, and are worth mentioning and recommending.


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