If it is related to the Apple products, of course, it is not unusual for Apple to be the first one to officially announce or to release. However, when Philips announced headphones which compatible with Apple’s Lightning port, it was really surprising to everyone. The Fidelio M2L headphones use the Apple’s Lightning port “to bypass the internal DAC of the iPhone” to produce high resolution 24-bit audio through the built-in DAC with amplifier.

WOOX Innovations Pascal van Laer said “We’re excited to launch the Philips Fidelio M2L, our first headphones that has a direct digital connection to your iOS device.” It was also reported that Apple secretly expanded its “Made for iPhone program” earlier this year, and it included headphones that connect to iOS devices via the Lightning port. Priced at around $320 and to be available in store this December, the Fidelio M2L is a huge shock to Apple given the fact that Apple has just owned Beats.

Although Philips has not provided more information related to the headphones functions and features, Apple’s Made for iPhone program has the headphones using the Lightning port which use power from an Apple device or provide power to the device through external power source. Moreover, such headphones have the ability to launch and interface directly with apps in iPhone, and include in-line controller.


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