Sennheiser, German manufacturer, is famous for its audio quality; however, in the last few years, Beats seems to take most of the spotlight and leaves Sennheiser behind.

Following the idea of Beats, Sennheiser has remodeled its new products to make sure that Sennheiser’s users will be easily detected to be using Sennheiser products. The new CX headphones have a new signature oblong on the outside of the earbuds, and the cables come in black, white and red, which just happens to be Beats’ signature colors.

The new Sennheiser CX series is made up of four different models: CX 1.00, CX 2.00, CX 3.00, and CX 5.00. The prices and availability are yet to be announced, but Sennheiser has told CNET that the CX 3.00s will be around 75$.

The CX 2.00 and CX 5.00 have an attached inline remote control and a hands-free microphone. The remotes are compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, Sennheiser has not confirmed the compatibility with other devices yet.

The CX 1.00 and CX 3.0 are just normal headphones without remote control and the hands-free microphone. The CX 3.00 and CX 5.00 headphones come with a hard plastic carry case, which you can wind the headphones into to reduce tangle.

All the headphones come with four different sizes of ear sleeve. Sennheiser has also angled the earbuds differently to direct the sound into the ear better.

We’ll know clearer today, when the products make its debuted at IFA trade show in Berlin.


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