If you’re looking for a really nice, comfortable pair of headphones that sounds great but isn’t overly expensive, the Sennheiser HD-280 is an excellent choice. They are priced at the middle to lower end of the spectrum for over the year headphones, yet they are actually quite a big nicer than most other options in their price range.

There is a lot that can be said about them, and while they aren’t 100% perfect in every way, it will be difficult to find a better set for the price. In this Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones review, I’ll go through a number of key points related to this model to help give you the information needed to make the best possible decision.

How do they sound?

This is, of course, the most important question when it comes to purchasing headphones. When you put these on and turn on your favorite music, you will instantly know that you made a great purchase. The bass is deep and strong, the treble is clear and sharp and everything in between is perfectly clear. Whether you’re listening to rap, country, classical or talk you will love the way they sound.

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 How do they feel?

When listening to music you also want to make sure you are nice and comfortable. For most people, the headphones will fit perfectly and feel great for hours on end. If you have a large head or sensitive ears, however, they may feel a little tight, which can get uncomfortable. In most cases you will be able to adjust the size to find a comfortable position without too much of a problem.

How is the Quality?

The quality of the construction is really nice. The wire feels strong and durable, and the headphones themselves will stand up well to most any situation. Even the hinges and other adjustable parts are nice and strong so you shouldn’t run into any issues with quality problems on the construction. Looking through the reviews other people have written, very few people had any issues with this model wearing out or dying over time either so it seems they were built to last inside and out.

How is the noise canceling?

The manufacturer says that these headphones have 32 dB attenuation (canceling) of outside noise. When you put them on they really do help to drown out sounds from the surrounding area. While it isn’t 100% silent with them on, it does remove most distractions. Once you turn on the music you won’t really notice anything but the loudest sounds from the surrounding area.

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Overall Recommendation

The bottom line with these headphones is that they will provide you with an excellent experience for listening to music or anything else. When looking strictly at bang for the buck, you won’t likely find any other headphones that can compete. If you are willing to spend two or three times more money, there are some better options out there, but at this price range you will be shocked at the quality you are getting.

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