The new PNY headphones which have an interesting name, PNY Mic Plus+, come in two models S205k and S205b which differs from one another by their colors, black and blue. Based on Sebastian Pop, an author from, the two models look a lot like baseball bats. They both look like a bat hitting the baseball.

Enough with the look, there are amazing features about the earphones themselves. There are three different sizes of silicon ear buds to choose from for the best fit and comfort. Another feature which is included in their name is the inline controller which allows the users to switch between music and answering calls.

Its last feature is the noise cancellation which is very popular among new headphones and earphones. With this function, users can listen to music and answer calls even at crowded places. They also support with smartphones and other devices which have an audio jack port.

The new PNY Mic Plus+ earphones will be available soon with an “affordable” price based on PNY press release the other day.


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