Bose Soundsport VS Freestyle Review – Differences

If you’re looking for a new pair of earbuds to listen to your favorite music, your search can often start and end with Bose. Bose is one of the best known names in the audio industry, and with good reason. When shopping for earbuds, however, you’ll quickly find that there are quite a few options from Bose to choose from.

Two of the best and most popular earbuds are the Bose SoundSport and the Bose Freestyle. Both of these will provide you with a comfortable fit and exceptional sound quality compared to earbuds from other companies. To help make your decision easier, I’ve looked through dozens of reviews, comments and complaints about each of these models to help provide you with the most accurate and informative comparison on the net today.

Bose Soundsport VS Freestyle | Price

Anything made by Bose is going to be a premium quality product, and so the price is going to reflect this. In this case, the prices are going to be quite similar with the SoundSport selling for $129.95 and the Freestyle going for around $115. With prices this close together most people will want to base their decision on other factors, so let’s keep looking.

Freestyle or SoundSport | Sound Quality

This is typically going to be the most important factor to consider, but Bose won’t make it easy for you. Both models will sound absolutely beautiful whether you’re listening to Mozart, Madonna or Eminem. The consensus seems to be that the SoundSport has slightly superior overall sound thanks to some improvements in the bass. The SoundSport is a slightly newer model, so this is likely where the improvement was made.

Bose Earbuds | Comfortable Fit & Durability

Both of these are earbuds and both have the comfort fit design that helps ensure they don’t pop out of your ear even while walking or jogging, which is very nice. They also come with three different sized earbud tips to help ensure comfort for people of all sizes. When it comes to comfort, it is really a tie between the two models. For durability, the SoundSport seems to be a clear winner. While the Freestyle does have an overall positive reputation for quality, some people complained about them wearing out early if they got moist due to humidity or sweat. The SoundSport don’t have this problem.

Not Noise Canceling

One more important thing to point out about both of these earbuds from Bose is that they are not noise canceling so if you want to eliminate all external sounds, you’ll want to find another model. Even though they don’t have this advanced technology, however, the fit and sound quality combine to help ensure your music will overpower any other sounds in the room. Once again, the SoundSport is slightly better in this area due to the improved bass quality.

Overall Recommendation

Both the Bose SoundSport and the Bose Freestyle are truly a step above almost all other earbuds on the market today and you will almost certainly be happy no matter which you purchase. When comparing them ‘head-to-head’ however, the clear winner is the SoundSport. This is a slightly newer model and Bose seems to have cleaned up any minor issues that were present in the Freestyle. So, all other things being equal, purchasing the SoundSport is going to be the right choice for most people.

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