If you love the comfort and convenience of earbud style headphones, but find that they either don’t stay in place or don’t sound the way you want, you’re in luck. This is a review for the Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones, which are one of the nicest sets of earbud style headphones on the market. When writing this Bose SoundSport in-dear headphones review I wanted to make sure I covered this product from every angle, giving all the pros and cons that there are.

If that’s what you’re looking for, than please read on. To start with, it is important to mention that these are a fairly pricy set of headphones, especially when compared with other earbuds. In fact, these earbuds are priced more in the range of larger over the ear headphones. While this can be a turnoff for some, most people will understand that in the headphones industry, you really get what you pay for. With that in mind, let’s look at exactly what you will be getting if you decide to purchase this item.

Tech Specs

As with any set of headphones, the technical specifications are among the most important things to consider. They are made by Bose, which is one of the best known brands for almost all types of audio products. Bose only makes high end speakers and headphones, and these are no exception.

The high notes are crisp and clear, and the low bass is strong and solid. Whether you’re listening to the latest R&B songs or you prefer classical music, these headphones will recreate the sounds and feelings that you desire. In addition to having extremely high sound quality, these headphones also come with a simple control right on the cord. With the touch of a button you can turn the volume up or down, and even take calls through the built in mic.

Comfort Level

Another common problem with earbud style headphones is that they can get quite uncomfortable if you wear them for a long period of time. Bose has managed to eliminate that problem by redesigning the actual earbud portion to fit more naturally into your ear. In addition, these headphones have ‘StayHear’ tips, which fit along your ear to help keep the headphones in place.

This feature is extremely nice for those who want to wear the headphones while exercising since they hold them in place much better than any other earbuds. One word of warning, however, is that this StayHear tip is a little awkward at first. You have to figure out how to get it to fit perfectly along your ear or it will be uncomfortable. After you reposition it a few times, however, you’ll know exactly how to place them so you won’t have any trouble.

Overall User Experience

One of the best ways to get a really good understanding of how good a set of headphones will be is to listen to what people who own them have said. With this in mind, I’ve gone through dozens of user reviews to see what everyone was saying. Here are the most frequently cited pros and cons of these headphones.


  • Unbeatable sound quality
  • They stay in place perfectly even during hard workouts
  • Very comfortable fit


  • Several people complained that the in-line volume controls and mic didn’t work properly (note that Bose will replace the headphones if this happens)
  • Some people had trouble getting the StayHear tip to fit comfortably until they had the headphones for several days.
  • Price – Some people thought that these headphones were overpriced.

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Overall, almost everyone was extremely happy with these high end headphones, which is why I gave them two thumbs up in this Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones review.

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