Bose Quietcomfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

When it comes to quality audio, Bose is one of the biggest names in the industry, which is really one of the biggest reasons why I decided to get these headphones. For years I struggled with lower quality headphones from a variety of companies, but there was always something missing. While I didn’t want to pay this much just to listen to music, I finally figured that I was wasting money constantly buying the lower end options.

After using these QuietComfort 15’s for a few months I can say that this was a great decision. I am very happy with virtually everything about these headphones, which is why I’m writing this Bose QuietComfort 15 acoustic noise cancelling headphones review.

Excellent Features

When you look down the list of features that are highlighted by Bose you will see that there is a lot to offer. The following are, in my opinion, the key features and my thoughts on each of them.

  • Around the Ear Comfort – I am a bigger guy and many over the ear headphones start out fine, but after an hour or so they really start to get uncomfortable. With these, however, I can wear them for a very long time without issues. Perfect for taking with me on a flight or working on the computer all day.
  • Noise Canceling – Bose really took noise canceling to the next level, so I was not surprised to see just how great this feature worked. I can work in a noisy office or relax on a plane without really hearing a thing (other than my music of course).
  • Sound Quality – When it comes to headphones, nothing is more important than the sound quality. I listen to a wide range of different types of music as well as some talk radio and I am 100% happy with how everything sounds.
  • Dual Audio Cables – This is one feature that is a little odd. They have two audio cables available. One of them is just a regular cable and the other has a mic and ‘remote’ for controlling your mobile device. Personally I just use the second one all the time even though I rarely use those extra controls.
  • Battery Powered – At first I was a little put off that the headphones required both a wire and a battery (AAA battery). While it is a minor inconvenience to have to change it from time to time, it is very long lasting so it really isn’t a big deal. Bose says it lasts 35 hours, but for me it seems to go even longer. Likely because I don’t turn the volume up too high.

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What other people are saying

When looking through the hundreds of other Bose QuietComfort 15 acoustic noise cancelling headphones reviews, I was happy to read that most other people are very happy with them. This helped me to justify spending the money on these high quality headphones. The only negative things I saw people saying was that the casing cracked and that they stopped working after a year or so, and very few people were actually saying these things. To me, this sounds pretty typical with any product so I am not concerned. In addition, Bose has a great reputation for supporting customers so if I do have issues, they will likely do the right thing.

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