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How to prevent the risk of hearing loss for your kids

KUSA – Pumping up the volume could have irreversible effects on a child’s hearing. Lisa Cannon, an audiologist for the American Speech Language Hearing Association, told 9NEWS children as young as 2 years old are using headphones. Headphone usage increases

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Noise-cancelling car by Ford

Noise-cancelling car by Ford Ford has created an in-car noise-cancelling system to create a more peaceful experience for drivers and passengers alike. The tech – similar to that found in active noise-cancelling headphones – uses three microphones which pick up

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Possible World’s Most Expensive Headphones

In 1990, Sennheiser brought out a pair of headphones called the Orpheus HE90 that were the result of an R&D mission to create “the best headphones ever made”. This avant-garde piece of technology became iconic, though at the time only

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“AirPods” Headphones – Possible Coming Apple Wireless Headphones

“AirPods” Headphones – Possible Coming Apple Wireless Headphones Apple might have some ideas about developing and distributing its own line of wireless headphones if the trademark discovered by MacRumors is indeed filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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PNY Announced Its New PNY Mic Plus+ Headphones

The new PNY headphones which have an interesting name, PNY Mic Plus+, come in two models S205k and S205b which differs from one another by their colors, black and blue. Based on Sebastian Pop, an author from, the two

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The New Grado Headphones Rock the Chart

When it comes to the brands of headphones, the first to come to your mind and probably the most well-known one would be Beats; however, according to, the new Grado SR325e headphones is currently their top-rated headphone, followed closely

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The First Lightning Headphones

If it is related to the Apple products, of course, it is not unusual for Apple to be the first one to officially announce or to release. However, when Philips announced headphones which compatible with Apple’s Lightning port, it was

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New Limited Edition Headphones from PlayStation

PlayStation announced their brand new “extremely” limited edition Glacier White headphones which compatible with the upcoming “Destiny” audio mode. These limited edition only come with the “Destiny Glacier White” bundle which includes the headphones, the white version of the PlayStation

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Panasonic Introduces New Open Ear Headphones

Panasonic RP-HGS 10 open ear headphones are the new type of headphones which transmit sound via advanced bone conduction technology, where vibrations move through the bone directly to the auditory nerve, producing crystal clear sound without blocking the ear canal.

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New Sony’s headphones the high-res & the heavy bass

First, the MDR-1a is a high-res set of headphones which are built specifically for those who fancy high-end aesthetics, with a cooler look than the MDR-1. The headphones’ earcups are wrapped in silver accents with leather-like material, and the headband

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