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Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2016 Review – For Running and Overall

Shopping for best Bluetooth earbuds can be difficult. There are so many options on the market today and choosing which ones will be right for you can be overwhelming. To help make the whole process easier I’ve looked at dozens of options from every major manufacturer, compared reviews from users and looked closely at the tech specs of each.

With that information I have put together this exhaustive list of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market today. This list will be broken down in three sections. First, I’ll discuss the three best overall Bluetooth earbuds available. Next, I’ll look at the best Bluetooth earbuds options that will cost you under $100. Finally, you’ll see the best Bluetooth earbuds under $50. This should give everyone the ability to analyze all their options and find the ideal choice for their specific situation.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds – Top Three

The following three models are the best Bluetooth earbuds in terms of overall options to choose from. They will each give you exceptional performance, long lasting battery life, comfortable wear and much more. Reading through each review should give you an excellent idea of which one will be right for you.

#1 – Jaybird x2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Best Bluetooth Earbuds

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Best Bluetooth Earbuds

As I was looking through Bluetooth headphones, this model continuously came up at the top of the lists for quality, comfort and much more. This model came out in September of 2015 and have really been doing great ever since. They are on the upper end of the price spectrum for earbuds, but as they say, you really get what you pay for.
The following are some of the most important points to be aware of with this model:

  • Long Battery Life – You can listen to music for a full 8 hours on a single charge, which is quite impressive. Recharging takes about 2.5 hours so you will have to take a break between charges.
  • Sound Quality – The sound quality is exceptional with these earbuds. Whether you’re listening to soft classical music, hard rock or R&B you will love the clear, crisp sound. Even at high volumes there is virtually no distortion.
  • Connectivity – The Jaybird X2 Sport uses advanced Bluetooth connectivity which eliminates any skipping or other connectivity issues, even if you are running or jumping around while wearing them.
  • Comfort – These earbuds are significantly more comfortable than many other options out there. You can choose from either plastic (silicone) or foam tips too, which will allow you to maximize the overall comfort levels based on your personal preferences.

The one complaint I saw people giving about this model is that the buttons on the line can be difficult to hit properly. If you pause your music, for example, you have to make sure to high right in the proper spot to start playing again. After using them for a while, however, most people can get used to this.

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#2 – Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth headphones were originally released back in February of 2014. Despite the fact that they have been around so long, they continue to be one of the most comfortable and best performing options available. This model uses the firm plastic wrap around design, which most people like but some people find uncomfortable, so it is important to take note of that right up front. The following are some additional important pieces of information to be aware of.

  • Battery Life – This model can have up to 8 hours of play time at ‘normal’ volumes or 6 hours of ‘talk time,’ which is pretty good. If you turn the volume up high, the listening time can drop well below this 8 hour point.
  • Exercise – This model is designed for people who exercise. They are water/sweat proof so you can wear them while working out. They also stay in your ears quite nicely. Some people complain about the back ‘strap’ bouncing on their neck while running, so that is something to be aware of.
  • Sound Quality – The sound quality is well above what you will find with most other Bluetooth headsets, but if you turn them up to the highest volume levels there is some distortion. At most levels, however, your music will be very clear.
  • Comfort – If you like the wrap around style, you will find these very comfortable. They are very lightweight so once they are in you barely notice them. You can wear them for long periods of time without any discomfort, which is very important.
  • Compatibility – You can connect this headset to any phone, tablet or other device that is Bluetooth compatible.

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#3 – LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750

LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750

This model has a very nice design in that the main unit rests around your neck and the earbuds themselves are on a short wire that goes up into your ear. This is essentially the best of both the wrap around model and traditional earbuds. This is the most affordable option on the top three list and despite this lower price, there is a lot to love about this headset.

  • Long Battery Life – This headset offers 15 hours of talk time and 10 hours of music, which is among the best.
  • Comfort – This innovative design is very comfortable for most people. Some runners complain that the around the neck design bounces too much, but others love it. The earbuds themselves fit easily in the ear and remain in place without a problem.
  • Compatibility – Any device that uses Bluetooth version 3.0 or above can quickly connect to this device. It is also APTX compatible.
  • Sound Quality – The sound quality is one of the stand out areas for this device. They really do a great job at providing very clear audio no matter what it is you’re listening to.
  • Consistency – This is one problem area. Many people complain that certain features like the buttons and vibration feature don’t work consistently.

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 100 – Top Three

If you are looking to get a high quality set of earbuds at a lower price, the following three options are excellent choices. You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful sound quality and comfort, without breaking your budget. Take a moment to go through these three sets of earbuds and see which one is right for you.

#1 – Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics Voyager Legend

This option is more of a headset than a traditional set of headphones, but you’ll still be able to enjoy high quality audio for all your calls and other uses. This model fits comfortably over one ear with the earbud fitting nicely in so you can easily hear what people are saying. Whether you’re talking on the phone at work, in the car or while exercising, this headset is an ideal solution.

  • Call Clarity – The Bluetooth 3.0 technology will connect with your phone to ensure a stable experience without any cracking or other distortion.
  • Voice Quality – The people you are talking to will appreciate the triple microphone noise-canceling technology that clearly picks up your voice while removing background noises.
  • Talk Time – You can use this headset to talk for up to 7 hours at a time! It also has up to 11 days of standby time.
  • Compatible – This option will easily connect to iPhone, Android and other smartphone devices as well as any other model that uses Bluetooth 3.

The one downside of this model is that it is really designed specifically for talking on the phone and not listening to music. If you want a set of earbuds that is used for both talking and music, you’ll want to choose another option.

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#2 – LG Tone Infinim HBS-900

LG Tone Infinim HBS-900

LG Tone Infinim HBS-900

This model has earbuds that fit comfortably in your ears while the back side goes around the back of your head. It can be used to listen to music as well as talk on the phone, which makes it a very flexible option. Overall, this is a very nice option with some innovative features, especially for a model that is priced so competitively.

  • Sound Quality – When listening to music you will appreciate the ‘Harman Kardon Signature Sound’ technology used in this model. It allows for deeper bass and clarity on the hi-end sounds. Even voices sound natural and clear on this headset.
  • Jog Button – You can use the jog button to control volume and other things more easily without having to fumble around trying to find the right controls.
  • Audio Interaction – You can have this device ‘read’ texts or other things to you. It can also tell you the time with just a tap.
  • Comfort – These headphones were designed for comfort. They have gel earbuds and the device itself wraps comfortably around your head so it holds in place, but isn’t too tight. Some people say that the neckband is too ‘stiff’ but that will likely depend on the size of your head.

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#3 – Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Photive PH-BTE70

Photive PH-BTE70

The Photive PH-BTE70 earbuds have a somewhat simple look to them, but don’t be deceived. These are surprisingly comfortable and sound very nice. They are also very easy to use, which is an added bonus. This particular model came out in early 2014 as a high quality, yet economical option for those who love music. Let’s look at some of the other important factors about this option:

  • Battery Life – These earbuds offer about 6 hours of playtime, which isn’t bad but also isn’t that great. They do charge quickly though, which is a plus.
  • Active Wear – You can wear these while running or doing other exercises without a problem. While the over the ear hooks look a little flimsy, they actually hold the earbuds in place very securely.
  • Compatible – This model uses Bluetooth 4 and APTX so it is going to be compatible with just about any device you own including tablets, phones and more.
  • Sound Quality – The sound is very good with this model. You’ll enjoy deep bass and clear treble. If you turn it up too loud there may be a little distortion, but for most people this won’t be an issue.

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50

If you’re really on a budget but you still want to listen to your music on very nice wireless earbuds, one of the following three options should do the trick nicely. These are all ‘hidden gems’ given the overall quality and the low price points. While in most cases with headphones you get what you pay for, in these cases you really do get more than you would expect.

#1 – AYL Bluetooth Headphones QY8



At first glance these headphones look a little odd, but once you fit them in and start listening to them you will see that they are quite nice. The sound quality is very high, especially given the low price point. They are also pretty comfortable, though they don’t stay in place as well as you would like if you are running, jumping or otherwise moving around a lot.

  • Sound Quality – Listening to music on these headphones is a true pleasure. Everything sounds beautiful and they have built in noise reduction technology to help filter out ambient noises.
  • Battery Life – The battery life is about 7 hours with normal use, which isn’t too bad. If you turn it up too much, however, that length drops quickly.
  • Connectivity – Using Bluetooth 4.1, this headset can easily connect to phones, tablets, iPods and more. The connectivity is also very stable so you won’t have issues with sound cutting out or skipping.

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#2 – TaoTronics TT-BH06 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

TaoTronics TT-BH06

TaoTronics TT-BH06

This set of Bluetooth earbuds has a fairly standard look and feel to it. In fact, the design resembles some of the higher priced options, which is nice. The quality is very high in terms of sound, durability and features. If you’re looking for a great bargain on your headset, this is a nice option to consider.

  • Sound Quality – The sound quality is very high due, in part, to the fact that they have audio drivers on each earbud rather than just one controlling both buds. The bass is deep and powerful, surprisingly strong for this price range. The earbuds also offer CVC noise cancellation 6.0 technology to help eliminate outside noises.
  • Compatibility – Using Bluetooth 4.1 technology you will be able to quickly connect to devices by Apple, Android and more. Whether you are listening from a phone, tablet, computer or just about anything else, compatibility won’t be an issue.
  • Battery Life – This headset is rated for 5 hours of talk/listen time and 175 hours of standby time so you’ll be able to enjoy your music without interruption for a fair amount of time.

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Choosing Your Bluetooth Earbuds

As you can see, there are quite a few excellent options on the market today. Looking through all your options and choosing the one that will both meet your personal needs and remain within your budget is very important. The information provided above should help you to select a set that will exceed your expectations today and well into the future.

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